Friday, April 01, 2011

CN 346

Just a quickie post... I heard CN 346 was leaving the CN Symington Yard onto the Sprague subdivision, so I caught it at Deacon's Corner just south of the bridge crossing Winnipeg's all-important floodway.

CN 8883 and CN 8820 were the power on the head end.
CN 8883 in Winnipeg

About mid-train, CN 2684 and CN 2332 were the distributed power (DPU). I'm not sure I've ever seen two DPU units stuck together on a CN train before.
CN 2684 in Winnipeg

The head end of the train was grain hoppers, with a few miscellaneous cars mixed in, and a collection of empty autoracks on the tail end.

I've shot CN 346 twice before.

I think I'm getting to know the CN engines around here a bit too much. Of the four engines on this train, I've seen three of them before!

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