Sunday, April 24, 2011

Coors Light Silver Bullet End

The Coors Light Silver Bullet train finished its trip in Kamloops, BC and the train set was then taken to Edmonton, AB to wait for the eastbound Canadian. It was attached to VIA 2 (the Canadian) on Monday April 18 and headed east.

The Canadian was a bit late coming through Winnipeg, arriving at Union Station at 21:40. They dropped diner Princess (VIA 8415) off, presumably to become the diner on the Hudson Bay to replace the Skyline that has been operating on it.

VIA 6408 in Winnipeg, by Jeff Keddy

VIA 2 was spotted by Jason Jongen in Washago, Ontario 2 hours and 2 minutes late at 09:07 the next day (April 20).

Tom8201 shot the train in Thornhil, ON en route to Toronto.

The train arrived in Toronto on April 21. It is expected that the units will go for refurbishment soon, so there are probably not a lot of chances to shoot the engines with the Coors Light decoration on them. Hopefully they will do a bit of a tour before being repainted.

Jeff Keddy did a mashup with Coors Light's video and his own shots and video of the train.

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Adam said...

I hope they get to run for a few weeks or months with the Coors Light wrap on them; it seems like a waste to convert them back immediately while they left the Spiderman and Quebec Lotto decorations on for years.
I shot the train with these engines on Highway 12, about 33km south of Washago in the morning of April 21st.