Sunday, April 10, 2011

Coors Silver Bullet Express

The Coors Light Silver Bullet Express is on its way to Edmonton!

Coors Light had a contest where 100 lucky people won a trip from Edmonton, Alberta to Kamloops, British Columbia. The train is supposed to have "100 of your closest friends, 16 party cars, seven exclusive custom experiences". They will have movies, a spa, a night club, sports, an arcade, a gaming area, karaoke, and of course a bar. Good

There area few shots of VIA 6445 on the Coors Light Facebook page.

Two VIA engines have been wrapped in Coors Light colours, 6445 and 6408. As a point of curiousity, VIA 6408 was the last of the Spiderman 2 units. That wrap is now gone, a mere seven years after the movie came out. Here's 6408 at the head of the Canadian on March 1, 2010.
VIA 6408 in Winnipeg

The equipment is en route now, having left Toronto on the front of the Canadian. Sadly the Coors Light units are not leading. The four engines are VIA 6435 (original), 6410 (rebuilt), 6445 (Coors), and 6408 (Coors). The Coors Light cars are six Manor cars, a diner, a Skyline, an ex-BC Rail Panorama car, 5 baggage cars and Banff Park, all deadheading ahead of the regular Canadian consist. The total train has 4 engines and 23 cars. The baggage cars have all been fitted out as the party cars.

It will be in Winnipeg Monday (April 11), arriving at or before 8 AM and leaving at noon. I hope to get out and shoot it coming into Winnipeg, and leaving too!


Caleb said...

I wonder how long they'll be in this Livery? Hopefully they'll send them East before they get changed!

Canadian Train Geek said...

That would be nice, Caleb! I miss the wrapped units.

Unknown said...

I loved the Spiderman wrap... it has been featured in many of my videos...