Friday, April 15, 2011

More Rocky Mountaineer Cars

Canada Goose near tracks
I had a tip that Thursday's Canadian would have a couple of Rocky Mountaineer cars, so I went out at noon to see them. It was another beautiful but cold day. When I arrived at Wilkes Avenue I saw an eastbound freight train stopped a little west of St. James Junction. The power was SD60 CN 5506 and Dash-8 BCOL 4618. Old power!

BCOL 4618 has been repainted in CN colours.
BCOL 4618 in Winnipeg
BCOL 4618 in Winnipeg
The number sounded familiar, so I looked it up after and I realized I shot this unit in her BC Rail colours back on August 21, 2009.
BCOL 4618 in Winnipeg
BCOL 4618 still in BC Rail colours
I went over to the Junction and waited with another railfan for the Canadian. It was about 10-15 minutes late.
VIA 6424 and Rocky Mountaineer cars
VIA Rail with Rocky Mountaineer cars
The lead Rocky Mountaineer car was RMR 9523, a dome car built by Colorado Railcar.
Rocky Mountaineer dome 9523
RMR 9523, Rocky Mountaineer
Trailing that was Rocky Mountaineer 5506, a former CN/VIA Dayniter.
RMR 5701
Rocky Mountaineer #5506
That was fun!

VIA Canadian
VIA Rail "going away"
Shortly after the Canadian left, the freight started rolling. It turns out it was CN train 852.
CN 5506 in Winnipeg
CN 5506 in Winnipeg

While it was rolling by, CN 101 passed on the north track. CN 852 had to stop because 101 was crossing over from the south to the north track in front of 852.

Another nice day for photos and video.

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