Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Coors Light Pictures and Videos

Adam Walker shot VIA 2 with the Coors Light engines near Washago, ON on April 21st. You can see the photos on his excellent blog. The two lead engines were VIA 6424 and VIA 6419, with the two Coors engines 6445 and 6408 trailing.

Gord Henwood shot VIA 6408 by itself Wednesday morning (April 27) on VIA train 70 through Brantford, Ontario.

MuskokaMoFo shot VIA 1 with the Coors Light Silver Bullet Express cars rolling through Washago, Ontario on April 10 in the night time.

TorontoChap1 caught a local VIA train in Toronto on April 23 with the two Coors Light engines pulling a strange assortment of cars - two LRC cars, one HEP1 car, a P42 engine, and four more LRC cars.

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