Monday, April 18, 2011

More Humpyard Dogs

Steve Vallis was out shooting at CN's Symington Yard here in Winnipeg last week and took some photos of CN's GP38 humpyard units (see previous post about humpyard dogs).

On the 11th he caught CN 7530 and 7513 (with slugs) working the yard. CN 7530 is definitely looking grubby.
CN 7530 in Winnipeg, by Steve Vallis

CN 7513, on the other hand, is looking nice and shiny.
CN 7513 in Winnipeg. By Steve Vallis

While he was there, he saw a train come off the Sprague subdivision. Here it is at CN Navin, with CN 5600 (SD75) and CN 2433 (Dash-8). You can see the shiny new signals on the right, installed when they extended the switching lead through Navin.
CN 5600 in Winnipeg, by Steve Vallis

Gotta love those Dash-8s!
CN 2433 in Winnipeg, by Steve Vallis

On the 17th, Steve caught one of the newly painted GP38s with the "15 Years" emblem, CN 7505. They are celebrating the 15 years since CN was privatized.
CN 7505 in Winnipeg

It was part of a set with CN 7522 and slugs 511 and 502.
CN 7522 511 502 and 7505 in Winnipeg, by Steve Vallis

Great shots, Steve!


Karl A. said...

Nice shots, and what a variety!

Duke said...

Are there any manual hump yards with car retarder operators in operation today?

Canadian Train Geek said...

Duke, I don't know... maybe in the US. There aren't many hump yards still in operation in Canada and I believe they all have automatic retarders.