Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Recent Trains

After all the excitement of the Coors Light Silver Bullet Express, yesterday and today featured more mundane trains.

On Tuesday I forgot my laptop's power cord at home, so I had to do the Drive of Shame to go get it. Fortunately, I saw trains on the way. Outbound I saw CN 198 from a distance. They were passing the former Winnipeg Intermodal Terminal, soon to be a shopping plaza near the future IKEA.
CN 2507 in Winnipeg
The train had CN 2507 and 5672.

About an hour later, I was back and saw CN 111 near the same location. CN 8813 and 2659 were on the head end, and CN 8943 was a bit over halfway back in the train.
CN 8813 in Winnipeg

The train had 154 platforms... pretty normal for that train.

Today (Wednesday the 13th) I saw CN 2651 at the beginning of the Letellier subdivision, ready to head south to flood-threatened Morris and Emerson. With a few horn blasts, they were on their way.
CN 2651 and train 532 in Winnipeg

It was easy to jump ahead of them on Pembina to get this video behind the Rexall at McGillivray.

Not as exciting as a wrapped VIA unit, but the trains keep on rolling.

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