Friday, April 29, 2011

Train Orders Online

Intercolonial Railway train order
Ken Secrest has been selling train orders on eBay for quite some time. I know I've sent my fair share of money his way, purchasing orders from CN and CP and Devco. Ken has a web site listing some of the train orders he is selling. For example, you can buy CN train orders, CP train orders, Dominion Atlantic Railway train orders, and even train orders for Devco.

He has recently put some scans from his permanent collection online. So far it is mostly American content but there are some great Newfoundland Railway train orders to be seen.

I have some train order scans of my own online... for CN, CP, Devco and even a few Intercolonial Railway train orders.

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Blair Ivey said...

In my Statics class a fair amount of time was spent on various types of truss structures.