Monday, May 09, 2011

Hello, Ocean

It's been a while, but I have seen the Ocean again. Not the Atlantic Ocean, the VIA Rail Ocean. I am out on the east coast of Canada for the week and I'm taking the opportunity to shoot some trains I normally don't see in Winnipeg, namely VIA trains with Renaissance cars.

I shot this VIA 15 at Berry Mills, NB just outside Moncton, shortly after I landed there on May 6.
VIA 15 at Berry Mills NB
The trailing unit was VIA 6411, the former Operation Lifesaver unit. The engineer gave me a toot as they rushed by at track speed.

I also shot VIA 15 at Memramcook, NB on the other side of Moncton on May 8. I wanted to shoot it at David Morris' favourite location, the "Bull Barn", just east of Memramcook.
VIA 6432 at Memramcook NB

I thought I had lots of time to get the shot, but I dithered about where to park the car. I ended up jamming it into a disused driveway and jogging up the hill to get the shot. As I finished jogging up, the train was right there ready to be photographed. Fortunately I had the right lens on the camera and got the shots I wanted.

VIA's Ocean near Memramcook NB

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