Friday, May 13, 2011

Monday in Halifax

Well, I saw a fair number of trains while I was in Halifax this past week. I mentioned that I caught a couple of Ocean trains. While I was passing through Moncton on May 8 I also saw some units at Gordon Yard - complete sightings here.

I spent a little time watching CN 121 Sunday night in Halifax. First they pulled forward.

Then they pushed back to couple onto DPU engine CN 2205.

I shot them leaving Millview but I screwed up the focus, so I won't inflict that video on you!

I mentioned that I saw some units in Moncton on May 8. One set I saw was IC 2709, CN 9541 and CN 8015. That turned out to be the power for the gypsum train (CN 513) in Dartmouth on Monday, May 9. They must have come down with CN 120 Monday morning.

As you can see, it was a bit rainy this past week.

The funny thing was that apparently the CN crew wasn't supposed to take CN 9541 as it needed new brake shoes. So they ended up shoving up into Burnside to drop 9541 off there before continuing on to Milford with the empty gypsum cars.

I didn't stick around for that as I was meeting my friend Chris M and his girlfriend to go look at CN 509. I've known Chris for a while online but we had never met before. We stood around and chatted in the light drizzle before finally deciding that 509 was in the yard in Dartmouth. We went and looked, and sure enough CN 4787 and another GP38 were parked there. No worries!
CN 4787 in Dartmouth

That was a busy Monday night. I saw all the trains there were to see in Halifax - CN 121, CN 513 and CN 509.

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