Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Phone Numbers You Need

Every railfan should have these phone numbers in their cell phone:

You should also have the emergency numbers for your local short line railways in your phone.

Give them a call if you see trespassers, or anything out of the ordinary that could cause an accident.

They do respond. Back in September 2009 I witnessed some kids stoning a CN train. I took numerous photographs and called the CN Police. An officer took the details and I emailed him the photos. He and another officer met with me and we went over the incident in detail. He promised to follow up with me, and a few weeks later he called to tell me that they had identified the kids, had a meeting with their parents and the principal of their school, and the kids wrote apology letters. No charges were laid but hopefully this deters the kids from doing something like it again. I was pleased they pursued it and kept me informed.

The railway police have a lot of territory to cover and not a lot of people to do it with. Give them a call when you see vandalism or a safety issue and help them out.

Hopefully we can prevent things like this.

A message that saves lives

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