Sunday, May 22, 2011

SD70M-2 Central

I saw a couple of CN trains on May 3 here in Winnipeg. The first was an intermodal train, likely CN 101, with three engines.

First was CN 8919 on the head end.
CN 8919 in Winnipeg

CN 8911 was roaring in the middle.
CN 8911 in Winnipeg

Finally, CN 8909 was shoving on the rear.
CN 8909 in Winnipeg

All new(ish) SD70M-2 units!

Shortly after that, an eastbound manifest train rolled by with CN 8022 on the head end.
CN 8022 in Winnipeg

Yet another SD70M-2... but the trailing unit was CN 5668, an SD75I. Way to spoil the perfect run. ;)

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