Monday, May 30, 2011

Some Recent VIAs

I know I haven't been posting at my usual frenetic pace. Work has kept me very busy and the blogging has fallen by the wayside a bit. I have still been shooting trains every now and then, and here are a few of the VIA trains I've seen in May that I haven't already blogged about.

Back on May 5 I was out at noon to shoot the Thursday Canadian. This one had a Rocky Mountaineer car on it, coach RMR 3251. This was the first "summer" Canadian so it was much longer than the usual 9 or 10 cars of the winter version.
VIA 6458 in Winnipeg

As I recall, they stopped for a signal short of St. James Junction, so they were going pretty slowly when they passed me.

The next VIA I saw that I haven't blogged about yet was May 26's Canadian. This was another Thursday VIA 1. This was an entirely ordinary Canadian with no deadhead cars, shot at Waverley Street in Winnipeg.
VIA 6452 in Winnipeg

What made this one special was the meet with CN 114. I was worried that 114 was going to block my shot of the Canadian, but the RTC gods were smiling and 114 was on the north track. VIA 1 shows up at 2:30 minutes in the video.

Finally, I shot both VIA trains this past Saturday, VIA 1 and VIA 692. First, the Canadian at mile 10 of CN's River subdivision.
VIA 6442 in Winnipeg

This had old friend VIA 1721 deadheading behind the engines and ahead of the baggage car.
VIA 1721 in Winnipeg

The other old friend was VIA 6414, the Loto Quebec engine.

The weather turned pretty sour during the day Saturday, and there was some lightning and rain (and a tornado watch!) when VIA 692 returned to Winnipeg from its long trip from Churchill. I shot the Hudson Bay at Diamond.
VIA 6420 in Winnipeg

Check out the video, and the lightning at 0:16.

Th-th-th-that's all, folks!
VIA Hudson Bay in Winnipeg

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