Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fredericton Station Update

Fredericton train station and liquor store
In early May I was criss-crossing the Maritimes on business. You might recall my shots from Moncton and Halifax. On May 7 I was in Fredericton and visited the train station after supper for a few minutes. I wanted to see the restoration progress for myself. It is quite striking!

Fredericton train station and Hartt shoe factory

The liquor store in the rear is in service and there was considerable traffic when I was there. The former Hartt shoe factory is visible on the right edge of the photo above.

The sign in the photo above says the heritage restoration is being done by Fabinex.

I walked around to take a shot of the south side of the buildings.

Fredericton train station, south side

You can see that work is still in progress here. The station is connected to the liquor store via a glassed-in walkway visible on the left edge of the photo above.

Fredericton train station restoration

Here's a closeup from the previous photo. The station looks a lot nicer with a roof, windows, and the brickwork cleaned. There was a distinct lack of pigeons, too!

I stuck my camera up to a couple of windows to try to get some interior shots. I think they turned out pretty well.

Fredericton train station interior

The above is shot from the south side. You can see a bit of what could be original wood on the left, brickwork on the north wall, and what might be laminate flooring. The ceiling looks nice but I have no idea if it resembles the original ceiling.

Fredericton train station interior

The above was shot from the west end (adjacent to York Street). I think there is some kind of bar / kitchen at the west end of the station. You can see some kind of stainless steel fume hood at the top of this photo.

I hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse of the work in progress. I hope to visit the station again this summer to check on how it is progressing. It sure makes me happy to see the work that has been done.

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Mike said...

Thanks! It's nice to see the station come back to life in it's new role!

clam502 said...

Wow! I am impressed with the work and progress of the station. I too am happy to see the station get second chance at life. Great post Steve!