Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wave On

On June 16 I went up to Wilkes Avenue to shoot the Canadian. I wanted to shoot them at the Shaftesbury Boulevard crossing, just to show how poor that intersection is. There is a traffic light just south of the crossing and there is room for maybe two cars between the tracks and the intersection. Often cars stop on the crossing itself. It's a wonder noone gets hit.

Anyway, I heard that VIA 6414 (the Loto Quebec unit) was leading the Canadian, so I changed my plans slightly and backed away from the crossing to get more of the train in the shot. They were about 15 minutes late.

VIA 6414 in Winnipeg

I shot each car as it went by (to record the full consist) and afterward I noticed that a friendly passenger in Chateau Rouville gave me a wave.

A wave from VIA Chateau Rouville


VIA's Canadian in Winnipeg

I headed back south on Kenaston, only to find two CP GP9 units ready to cross the road near Lafarge... remember Lafarge's little engine?

CP 8239 and 8213

After I parked, they took off and I took a quick video of them running north on the La Riviere subdivision.

The paint scheme on 8213 for some reason reminded me of a recent post on Adam Walker's blog featuring CP 8216 in Ontario.

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