Friday, June 03, 2011

Work Train

CP 6047 in Winnipeg
I was out running errands late this morning when I saw a train coming on the CP Emerson subdivision. I ended up catching them as they passed a subdivision.

CP 6047 in faded CP Rail System colours led the train, with CP 6069 in the old Multimark trailing.
CP 6069 in Winnipeg

The train had five empty CP hoppers. The bottom gates were open so it was clear they were empty!

I suppose they are going to get some ballast. CP's Emerson subdivision re-opened on May 2 to limited traffic after the flood waters receded and the last dikes were removed at Emerson, MB. I've been hearing the horns on the Emerson sub from my house and the traffic seems back to normal. During the closure of the Emerson sub, one CP train was detouring on CN's Sprague subdivision each way daily.

PS - The last time I saw CP 6047 was in early October 2009 in the Winnipeg yard at the head of the CP TEC train.
CP 6047 in Winnipeg


VanBilly1 the Train watcher said...

Hey Steve, Where did you shoot this train.I know it's The Emerson sub but where on the subdivision.thanks

Canadian Train Geek said...

Demetrioff Drive in St. Vital south of Bishop Grandin Boulevard.