Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another CP 9104 Sighting

CP 9104 in Winnipeg
I mentioned that I chased CP 9104 on the La Riviere subdivision on July 20. I saw 9104 arrive in Winnipeg a week before in the evening of Wednesday the 13th, on the CP Keewatin subdivision. The kids and I were driving around, looking for trains. We ended up finding CP 9104 approaching and then stopping. The engineer was clever and stopped the train such that the overpass of the Perimeter Highway shaded the cab.
CP 9104 in Winnipeg in the shade

We waited, and after a while CP 9104 started rolling. It turned out that CP 9150 was the second unit. It's interesting to note that in late 2009 CP 9150 (and maybe 9132 as well!) was stored in Winnipeg. How things have changed.

Here you can see that I was on the wrong side of the sun, and it was a bad choice of locations as the engines and cars entered the shade in the crossing! Ooops. My fault for shooting at 8:30 PM.

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