Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy Day, Part Two

I mentioned that on July 7 I saw three trains in the morning, and more at noon. Now is the time to talk about the noon trains!

I mentioned the Canadian I saw with VIA 4121 already. That was 12:10.

I waited around a bit next to Kenaston Boulevard and was rewarded with CN 314 at 12:24, with engines CN 2242 and CN 2636.
CN 2242 in Winnipeg

It was not too long before the next train came along, CN 198 with CN 8899 and CN 8844.
CN 8899 in Winnipeg

That was great, but it was time to move. I had a notion that CN 532 should be ready to head south on the Letellier, so I drove down Chevrier Boulevard to see where they were. As I approached the crossing, the flashing lights came on, so I stopped right there and jumped out to take this shot of the train as it headed south. CN 532 had the single unit CN 2432 on her.
CN 2432 in Winnipeg

All told, I saw seven trains on the 7th. Not bad!

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