Saturday, July 09, 2011

Canada Day and the Prairie Dog Central - 1

The kids and I went out in the morning of July 1 in search of trains. What else do you do on a holiday? ;)

There was nothing happening on CN. As I approached Inkster Boulevard and the CP main line a little after 11 AM, I thought, "hey, I bet the Prairie Dog is doing an excursion." A quick glance at their home base on Inkster showed many cars but no steam engine, so off we went toward Grosse Isle.

It was not long before I could see the residual smoke in the air, and soon we saw the plume from #3. We caught up with the train just before they entered Grosse Isle and I took a few shots and then a video.
Prairie Dog Central steam engine

Soon they came to a halt to offload the passengers, with the Canadian and Manitoban flags on display.
Prairie Dog Central steam engine in Grosse Isle

The train was definitely full, and there was quite a crowd enjoying the various entertainments in Grosse Isle. The town puts on a good show. There were tractor rides, singers, a petting zoo, and various merchants selling food and trinkets. My kids enjoyed everything and it looks like everyone else did too.

While everyone was enjoying the festivities, the crew was hard at work turning the engine on the wye just north of town. Only the engine is turned, so the engine would be followed by the caboose and then the passenger cars for the return trip.
Prairie Dog Central #3 in Grosse Isle

The crew posed for a picture on the head end.
Prairie Dog Central crew

They left at 13:30 and made smoke for Inkster Junction.
Prairie Dog Central steam engine en route

We gave chase... to be continued.

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