Saturday, July 02, 2011

CP 2816 in Chaplin, Saskatchewan

CP 2816 in Chaplin SK
Canadian Pacific Railway's famed steam engine, Empress CP 2816, headed up a passenger train from Moose Jaw to Calgary, with public rides available on segments along the way. CP is supporting the Children's Wish Foundation with its steam rides.

On June 11 the train went from Moose Jaw, SK to Chaplin, SK and paused there for 20 minutes before continuing west. I sent a "heads up" to my wife's relatives (who live in Chaplin) and one of them was kind enough to take a few photos of the train.

A number of people were waiting to board the train to take it to Swift Current.
CP train in Chaplin SK

Here's a quick view on board the train.

The crew gave the engine a quick lubrication during the stop.

I think it's great that CP does this.

Alas, there is a problem with CP 2816 that was reported today. It has a mechanical issue and will be laid up for some time. I just saw a message on the C-P-R mailing list that stated it was a crack in the rear driver axle. The heritage diesel fleet will step in to fulfill CP's commitments for a while. Let's hope 2816 can get back to work soon.

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