Friday, July 15, 2011

Death on the Tracks

Rick McColl, a track maintenance engineer with CN, was struck and killed by VIA #51 near Guildwood station in Pickering, Ontario yesterday at 1:10 PM. The accident happened next to highway 401 between Liverpool Road and Whites Road.

It appears that Mr. McColl and his coworker believed they had a 15-20 minute window to perform maintenance on the track. When VIA 51 rapidly approached, Mr. McColl ran south and his coworker ran north.

Passengers waited for nearly two hours before being bussed to their destination. Service resumed on the line around 5 PM.

The temptation is to speculate on whose fault it is, but I won't do that. An investigation will turn that up soon enough.

The incident was widely covered in local media. The most depressing report is this, from CTV News, featuring passengers complaining about the delay. C'mon, a man has died, have some patience!

Mr. McColl had 32 years with CN, and was 53. My condolences to his family and friends.

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