Saturday, July 23, 2011

Infrared Photography

Has anyone reading this done any infrared photography? I've been enjoying the posts of Dave Beckerman on Google+. He does some amazing work in infrared. Check out the link above and page down through his photos. I am in awe.

He wrote a blog post about digital infrared photography that I recommend you read. Basically it involves putting the right filter on the front of your lens to filter out some or all of the visible light and letting only the infrared light through.

What's the big deal? Well, things look different in infrared. The colour is gone, leaving a kind of sepia image like this:
Dave Beckerman, Secret Garden

It can be processed into a black and white image, like this:
Dave Beckerman, Secret Garden

With more work, some colour can be put back into it.

If you like the effects of some HDR, you'd probably like infrared.

Here's a nice post about beginner IR filters.

I'm still considering it. First I want to play with my new circular polarizer filter.

PS - if you want to try Google+, I have invitations. Just email me at and I'll send you an invite. This is me.

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