Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 9

My kids and I were out on Saturday, July 9 to get out of the house, and of course see some trains. First we went to mile 10 of the CN Rivers subdivision to shoot the Canadian. I mentioned that I saw the Loto Quebec unit leading already.

However, a CN freight ran ahead of VIA 1, with two SD75 units as power, CN 5640 and CN 5667.
CN 5640 in Winnipeg

After seeing the Canadian, we headed up north to see what was going on with CP. We went to see the units at the CP shops and hit a few balls in the field.

There were quite a few units outside the shops, including several SD90 units. Those are in the 91xx series. CP 9138 seems to be having some major work done.
CP 9143 in Winnipeg

Old friends CP 3028 / 1128 rolled in from the main yard area. Another Winnipeg resident, CP 5756, was shunting under the Arlington Street bridge.
CP 5756 in Winnipeg

There were several units in the short-lived CP Rail System "dual flag" livery. The blue has faded out of CP 5936's American flag.
CP 5936 in Winnipeg

If you really want to see all the units I saw, they are here.

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Robert in Port Townsend said...

CN 9138. Looks like she has run out of track!