Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Meet At Speed

Early in the morning I was parked west of Diamond (itself west of Winnipeg), just past the bend in the track (map) around mile 16.9. I had my laptop out, doing some editing, with an ear to the scanner for traffic. After a while I heard CN 111 calling the signals as they approached Diamond from the east. I hopped out of the car, crossed the tracks, and set up the video camera and waited for them. As I waited, I heard CN 304 call a clear signal approaching Diamond!

Soon CN 111 came around the bend.
CN 2314 outside Winnipeg

Looking westward, CN 304 was visible hurtling toward the meet on the south track.
CN 5763 near Diamond

Closer... closer... I wasn't sure which would reach me first but I was hoping it was CN 304 on the south track, so 111 wouldn't obscure the head end.
CN 5763 near Winnipeg

With a series of honks, CN 304 hurtled by me and met 111 just to my left / east.
CN 304 and CN 111 meet

CN 111 blew by me going west, and I watched the trains zoom past each other in front of me.
Tripod and trains

After a bit, DPU CN 8015 roared by on CN 111.
CN 8015 near Winnipeg

Soon CN 304 was receding in the distance while CN 111's containers were still rattling by. Within a few minutes, 111 was also fading into the distance.

Here's the video of the meet.

I hope you enjoyed my little narrative. I really enjoyed photographing and taping this meet!

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roldac said...

Cool video...That is a pretty difficult getting 2 trains meeting on video...right place at the right time...keep on, keeping on brother...