Thursday, July 28, 2011

More NB Southern Leased Units Arrive

The second pair of NB Southern leased units arrived in Saint John yesterday. HLCX 917 and HLCX 913 were nose to nose behind CN 5723 and CN 2280 on train 406 out of Moncton on Wednesday. CN #406 did some work in Sussex, and arrived in Saint John at 16:18.

HLCX 911 has been out on the main line a few times, and I believe it went to St. Stephen at least once, on July 21.

HLCX 906 has been working in Saint John but no one has spotted it on the main line yet, to my knowledge.

Hat tip to Wendell Lemon, DC, and Danny McCracken for the information.

Gary Lee has posted some videos of HLCX 911 in McAdam. Thanks for those, Gary!


Anonymous said...

Do you know the schedule for the trains that go through Harvey? I've travelled through there thousands of times and never seem to catch one :(

Canadian Train Geek said...

They are not really scheduled. Your best bet is to be there in the late afternoon to early evening. I don't think they run daily any more, just every other day.