Saturday, July 16, 2011

More on New NB Southern Power

The second pair of Helm leased units, HLCX 913 and 917, were seen at Bayview Junction in Ontario.. yesterday?

HLCX 911 by Danny McCracken
Meanwhile, HLCX 911 was spotted in McAdam and Harvey. Danny McCracken shot HLCX 911 as part of the eastbound freight that featured NBSR 9802, 911, 008, 2318, and recently arrived 2612 from the St. Stephen subdivision. They left at 16:20.

HLCX 911 by Danny McCracken

HLCX 911 by Danny McCracken

Brian Barchard caught the same train rolling through Harvey Station. I see the depot has been repainted since I last saw it!
NBSR 9802 and HLCX 911 by Brian Barchard

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