Wednesday, July 06, 2011

More Winnipeg Grain Elevators

I shot a few more Winnipeg grain elevators in June. The first was this elevator just south of the CP yards.
Grain elevator in Winnipeg
I didn't see any identification on it. It has CN and Government of Canada grain hoppers at it.

On to the Paterson elevator up by the Prairie Dog Central. This elevator can be served by both CN and CP.

The CN side is known as "CN Lilyfield" on the remaining fragment of the CN Oak Point subdivision.

The CP side is served off the CP Carberry subdivision.
Paterson grain elevator in Winnipeg

This satellite view, courtesy of Google Maps, shows the interesting track arrangement at the Paterson elevator.
Google Map view of Lilyfield

There is a big loop track serving the elevator itself, and both CN and CP can feed into the loop.

The irony is that BNSF Manitoba is actually the railway serving the elevator at present. See the BNSF page on the Paterson elevator. BNSF sends cars from North Dakota using CN via the CN Letellier sub, then uses either CN or CP to take them to this elevator. There was a big debate before the Canadian Transportation Agency about the "interswitching" used by BNSF to serve the elevator, with CN challenging the ability of BNSF to use interswitching rates. CN lost the argument.


Eric said...

Nice pristine grey CN covered hopper there, Steve.

Also, finally some justification for a 4x8 oval layout! The grain elevator loadout track. I'm wondering if those BNSF covered hoppers arrive via the BNML at the Paterson elevator?


Eric said...

Forget my question about the BNSF Steve, I missed it on my initial read-through of your post. Excellent and thorough coverage.

On an unrelated topic, some time I am going to write something about the Google Account word verification words. For the first time ever, I just typed one in that is sort of an actual word. "Flyrocks"

Just sayin'.

Canadian Train Geek said...

BNSF/BNML forwards their hoppers to CN or CP from their little shortline, and then the "big guys" bring the BNSF hoppers to the elevator. BNSF doesn't send any power here.