Sunday, July 17, 2011

Recent VIA Trains

I wanted to post the last four Canadians I've seen, since I haven't mentioned them before the last VIA 1 I posted from June 16. Some were hum-drum, some were a bit more interesting.

For the first three I shot the Monday, Thursday and Saturday trains in sequence. I started with VIA 1 at mile 10 of the CN Rivers subdivision on July 4. It had VIA 6458 and VIA 6429 on the head end, with a normal summer consist.
VIA 6458 in Winnipeg

Next, I saw VIA 1 at Kenaston Boulevard (maybe mile 6?) on July 7. This one had VIA 6410 and non-refurbished VIA 6424.
VIA 6410 in Winnipeg

This one was interesting because it had VIA 4121 deadheading behind the engines. VIA 4121 is a coach destined for the Skeena.
VIA 4121 in Winnipeg

For the Saturday train, I got them back at mile 10. This had the Loto Quebec unit, VIA 6414, leading two other engines, 6453 and 6452, on July 9.
VIA 6414 in Winnipeg

I took a break after that and did not shoot the Monday Canadian, but I did get out on July 14 for the Thursday train. I drove up to St. James Junction, stepped out of my car, and there it was, ready to be shot. Perfect timing.
VIA 6429 in Winnipeg

I got a wave from a diner in the Acadian.
Wave from diner aboard train

Is that enough stainless steel for one post? ;)
VIA's Canadian passenger train


One Man Committee said...

Great shots... but now that you mention it, I really miss the variety of the blue and yellow cars!

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks! I miss the variety too. The only recent variety has been the engines, and now that they are being refurbished, they are all becoming the same. The variety is in what is deadheading on the train, be it Rocky Mountaineer or extra VIA cars. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers, right?