Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another Diamond Morning

I was out near Diamond again on August 2 and caught a couple of trains. First up was CN 199, coming out of the rising sun just after 8 AM.
CN 8930 in Winnipeg

Half an hour later, I had to go, but before I left the area, I drove all the way to Diamond and saw there was a CN freight parked west of Diamond.
CN 5643 outside Winnipeg

I went to investigate and saw it was a general freight with four SD75 units - CN 5643, CN 5637, CN 5651 and CN 5701. There was a crew onboard so I don't know why they were staying there.

Here you can see the whole train curving off in the distance.

CN 5643 in Winnipeg

That was all well and good. I was out again just after noon and I found a CEMR train on the south track just east of Carman Junction. I presume they had just pulled onto the CN Rivers sub and the train was waiting for the conductor to catch up. After he boarded, off they went. CCGX 5232 and CEMR 4001 provided the power.

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