Saturday, August 06, 2011

A CN Grab Bag

I had a backlog of CN photos I took in July, so here they are...

Here's CN 2304 leading a westbound train near Diamond just after noon on the 4th of July.
CN 2304 in Winnipeg

Two days later, I shot CN 5691 near the same location.
CN 5691 in Winnipeg

On the 13th, I shot CN 8959 at the head of a slow-moving westbound intermodal train. It had fellow SD70M-2 CN 8891 in the middle and a third SD70M-2 CN 8907 pushing on the rear.
CN 8959 in Winnipeg

Finally, on the 28th I shot CN 199 just west of St. James Junction, with CN 2321 leading and CN 2690 trailing. Here they are near the Junction, crossing over from the south to the north track.
CN 2321 in Winnipeg

Finally, here they are passing my location.
CN 2321 in Winnipeg

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