Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Regina Sightings

I was in Regina, Saskatchewan a few weeks ago on vacation. I had a chance to get out and see trains a couple of times while I was there. On August 5, I visited the CP yard downtown as well as the CN yard off 1st Avenue. Photography is difficult at the CP yard so my shots are basically through the fence and not worth posting. Since CP's main yard is in Moose Jaw, the Regina yard is pretty small and doesn't have a lot of engines hanging around. There was a collection of GP9s, GP38s and an SD40 there, as well as an American crane.

Things were a little more interesting as I approached the CN yard. I was heading north on Winnipeg Street when I saw a four engine CN set at 1st Avenue. CN 2200, CN 5640, CN 4792 and CN 4797 were by themselves there. In retrospect I think they ran light from the CN yard and turned on the wye. I saw them heading for the CN yard so I gave chase. Fortunately they were running slowly and I got ahead of them, and shot this video as they crossed Broad Street.

I went to my favourite viewing spot, atop the berm at the north end of Connaught Street. I drew it in dark gray in the map.
Map of CN's Regina yard
Standing on top of the berm, you usually can see the whole yard. Unfortunately, a large string of grain cars was blocking the view the first time I was there. I returned later and got some decent shots from the berm.

One of my favourite engine types was present, with GMD1 CN 1439 parked near the crew building.
CN 1439 in Regina

Two GP38s were also present, CN 4795 and 4790.
CN 4795 and 4790 in Regina

Old black caboose CN 79543 was there as well. I saw the graffiti "artists" have been vandalizing it.
CN 79543 in Regina

I last saw this caboose in August 2008.

I'll post more about my Regina sightings later, including some interesting industrial engines.


Unknown said...

CN 1439 is a classic. Been a long time since I laid eyes on a GMD1, or maybe I'm not looking hard enough ?
This unit would be assigned yard duties I am guessing?

Canadian Train Geek said...

There is a GMD1 or two hanging around at Symington Yard at the north end. I'm not sure why they are there as they are not used in Winnipeg.

GMD1s are branch line engines. They used to be used a lot on the Prairie branch lines and I think they still get out now and then. I saw 1412 doing its thing in Regina back in 2009.