Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shuttlewagon Redux

Shuttlewagon in Winnipeg
Hey, remember that Shuttlewagon I saw at the Balgonie elevator? I was looking through some recent photos I took in Winnipeg and I realized I saw one here too.

On July 12 I photographed a Shuttlewagon with three flatcars on the MOW* stub siding around mile 10.6 on the CN Rivers subdivision. This particular unit is owned by Falcon Shuttle Rail in North Transcona (Winnipeg).

Shuttlewagon in Winnipeg

This particular unit is a SWX525Be, built in 2004. It features a tractive effort rating of 34,500 lbs. For comparison, a stock GP9 has a starting tractive effort of about 40,000 lbs.

Swingmaster CN 434-60 was at the other end of the three flatcars. More photos

* MOW = Maintenance Of Way

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