Friday, August 12, 2011

Signal Pop Quiz

Red over green
Pop quiz - look at the signals in the photo above. What signals are displayed, and what is going on?

Refer to the Canadian Rail Operating Rules General Description and Location of Fixed Signals for reference.


Tim said...

Proceed at slow speed, 15mph passing signal and through turnouts, next signal is displaying a Clear, proceed aspect.

Is the yellow-red flag a warning of a possible need to stop for men or equipment on the right of way? I am familiar with its use for that purpose in the US (GCOR rules).

Any corrections, please let me know!

Canadian Train Geek said...

Bang on, Tim!

The first signal is on the far right, Slow to Clear. The train crossed over from the south track to the north track, which is why the north track is showing a Clear-Proceed while the south track shows a Stop signal after the first green.

The yellow-red flags mark the boundaries of a block of track held by a track foreman. Before entering the block, the train must negotiate with the foreman for access through his/her block.

Tim said...

OK then, the yellow-reds are the same as in the US GCOR rules. Excellent blog, btw...enjoy it very much!


Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Tim!

Anonymous said...

Where was this picture snapped Steve.

- Vaughn ( we've chatted before :-) )

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Vaughn, the train is on the CN Rivers subdivision in Winnipeg, approaching the diamond crossing of the CP La Riviere subdivision at St. James Junction near the golf dome.

Anonymous said...

Right on, thanks. Love your snaps of signalling in action. :-)

- Vaughn

Unknown said...

If its saying what signal type it is, it is a slow to clear: Proceed, Slow speed passing signal and through turnouts.

Unknown said...

Slow to clear (Proceed, slow speed passing signal and through turnouts) on The CN Rivers sub.