Thursday, August 11, 2011

SVGX 8625 Update

SVGX 8625, former SOO 4203, from Savage Transportation
On Tuesday I received a very nice email from Mark McDowell, the Operation Manager for Savage Transportation Management in El Segundo, California. He sent me the above photo showing SVGX 8625, the former SOO 4203, in its new paint.

Here's what it looked like in late 2009, here in Winnipeg.
SVGX 8625 in Winnipeg

SVGX 8625 has received a LOT more than new paint. It is now a Tier 2 N-ViroMotive locomotive. The Tier 2 designation means it meets the US Environmental Protection Agency's Tier 2 standard for engine emissions. The N-ViroMotive designation means it is now a genset unit with multiple diesel engines.

You can see from the two photos that the whole rear hood has changed. There are now two (or three?) exhaust stacks for the genset units. Even the horn has moved.

The unit is on its way to a refinery in El Segundo. Hopefully I will be able to share a few more photos after it arrives. Thanks, Mark, for sharing this photo!

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TootnKumin said...

Life in the old beasties yet. A complete rebuild apart from the frame and probably the trucks. Nothing of the original superstructure re-used at all by the look of it. Whether Tier-2 gives it much claim to enviromental friendliness is moot, but I guess being multi engine helps. I guess it will at least cause something of a stir of comments from passers by, working at a refinery.