Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Walter's Wonders

Walter Pfefferle aka Railpast continues to take great shots... witness this nice one of SOO 6045 leading a train over a bridge near Woodstock, Ontario.
SOO 6045 in Woodstock Ontario, by Walter Pfefferle

I think Walter likes SD40-2s, because a lot of his CP shots feature those units leading. Maybe he's just luckier than I am. I usually get toasters. Look at this, an SD40-2 leading a red barn!
CP 5954 near Woodstock Ontario, by Walter Pfefferle

Of course Walter shoots more than just CP. He's out there proving that the Coors Light engines are alive and well.
VIA 6408 near Woodstock Ontario, by Walter Pfefferle

VIA 6408 near Beachville Ontario, by Walter Pfefferle

I understand VIA 6445 (formerly the lead Coors Light engine) is rattling around between Toronto and Montreal.

Another that caught my eye: ex-IC 1000 near Woodstock, Ontario:
IC 1000 near Woodstock Ontario by Walter Pfefferle

Finally... Alcos doing what they do best.
Ontario Southland Alco engines, by Walter Pfefferle

Check out Walter's site. Also have a look at his videos!

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Great shots
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