Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Diamond Is My Best Friend

CP 6029 at Diamond
I was out on Friday September 16 during the day, spending some time with my son. We headed up to Assiniboine Park to play at the new Nature Playground. It's a very cool place.

On the way we stopped at Wilkes Avenue to see if there was any CN action. Nothing seemed to be happening, so I drove west out to Diamond. There I found the above train on the CP Glenboro subdivision waiting to go south across the CN Rivers subdivision. It had CP 6029 and CP 5920 with a long string of grain hoppers.
CP 6029 at Diamond
Why was it waiting? Well, after I shot the CP photos I saw a headlight to the west. It turned out to be a CN freight headed by CN 2241.
CN 2241 at Diamond

The second unit was CN 2240. 2241, 2240... if they had a third unit it would have to have been CN 2239.

CN 2241 East was not going very fast, so we gave chase. I passed it just east of the Perimeter and shot it again.
CN 2241 in Winnipeg
By this time my son was getting tired of the trains, so we headed off to the Nature Park for some running around.

On our way back, I ducked out on Wilkes Avenue again and I saw the CEMR freight train was parked at the end of their Carman subdivision. CEMR 4000 was the lead unit but the real surprise was the second unit, SD40 CEMR 5396. That unit has been for sale for almost two years!.
CEMR 4000 in Winnipeg

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the Loram ballast cleaner was parked just west of the Perimeter on the little stub siding there. The covers were off the side of the power unit and a few workers were servicing it.

Loram SBC-9 in Winnipeg

There was lots of stuff around to see!


Blair Ivey said...

"By this time my son was getting tired of the trains. . . " I don't understand this phrase. Please explain.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Somehow my kids don't share the same level of interest in trains that I do... not sure why not!