Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bright Sun Shiny Day

VIA 6444 in Winnipeg

I can see clearly now the rain is gone 
I can see all obstacles in my way 
Gone are the dark clouds that had me down 
It's gonna be a bright sun shiny day  - "I Can See Clearly Now", Johnny Nash

Thursday noon was a very bright, sun shiny day as you can see. I went out to shoot the Canadian and was pleased by the nice weather. First up was train 314, heading east on the north track.
CN 2264 in Winnipeg

Note the flag at the end of the bridge, visible in front of the junction between the two engines. There was a crew working on St. James Junction a little ways east of me, on the south track.

Soon after 314 passed my location, I saw VIA's headlights come around the corner at Portage Junction in the distance. They rolled past St. James Junction then switched over to the north track just before my location. VIA 6416 and 6444 were the power for this ordinary Canadian. I was standing on the slope leading down to route 90, trying to get a more ground-level shot than the usual height.
VIA 6416 in Winnipeg

A passenger in one of the coaches gave me a wave as they rolled on by. Or maybe she didn't want her picture taken. I'll assume it was a wave. :)
Waving Passenger

A train is visible in the distance here... CN 192, in fact.
VIA Rail's Canadian

This was the first time I'd seen train 192. I believe it is an extra train from Prince Rupert that runs on occasion to supplement CN 198. CN 8954 and another engine were on the head end, and CN 2263 was pushing on the very end.
CN 8954 in Winnipeg

Here we look over the engineer's shoulder at the signals protecting St. James Junction.
CN 8954 and Signals at St. James Junction in Winnipeg

The signals on the south track (right of picture) are easy. Red over red is covered by rule 439, absolute stop.

The signals for train 192 are on the north track (left of picture). The closest signal is yellow over yellow, rule 409, clear to slow. "Proceed, approaching next signal at SLOW speed." The next signal that 192 will face is red over green, rule 431, slow to clear, "Proceed, SLOW speed passing signal and through turnouts."

This tells us that 192 was going to shift over to the south track, and the confirmation of that is barely visible on the right edge of the photo, just above one of the CN trucks - a green over red indication on the south track, rule 405, "Clear signal, proceed" while the corresponding signals on the north track are red over red.

EDIT: Corrected first signal description, thank you Jeff!

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