Sunday, November 27, 2011

CN Voyeurism

CN 2161, 2181 and 2184 in Winnipeg
I was near the CN Symington yard in Winnipeg around noon on November 21. I took a few minutes to shoot the units in front of the diesel shop. You need a long lens to see them from Lagimodiere Boulevard and I always feel like a voyeur / stalker doing that!

What really caught my eye were these bright shiny units, clearly with new paint. These are C40-8W engines purchased from BNSF. I find it interesting that they are very plainly painted with no class identification under the engine numbers.

According to the July Canadian Railway Observations, CN 2161 was released from the CN Centralia, Illinois paint shop on July 22 but didn't have number boards at that time. These ex BNSF units have been stored for some time, so they need some work before entering service. The finishing work is being done at various CN shops as well as contract shops. I guess CN 2181 needs some number boards, to start!
CN 2161 and 2181 in Winnipeg

I saw CN 2161, 2178, 2181, and 2184.

I also saw ex-UP C40-8 CN 2100, seen on the right of the photo below. I was more interested in GMD1 CN 1410, as well as hump GP9 CN 7211. I last saw CN 2100 in Newton, Manitoba in March of this year.
CN 7211, CN 1410 and CN 2100 in Winnipeg

In case you're curious, the lettering on CN 7211 is: "GY-418a / H / 7 M.P.H. THRU MASTER & GROUP


On the south end of the yard, an intermodal train was pushing back into the yard. CN 8007 and CN 2287 were the power on that train.
CN 8007 in Winnipeg

Hump set CN 7530-501-523-7513 were working on the south end. I shot them but they are severely backlit.

That was the end of my voyeurism for one day.

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