Sunday, December 04, 2011

RDCs Everywhere

Lots of RDC news these days. For example, VIA Rail posted a short article about their refurbished RDC going for a test drive.

This RDC is a baggage car, VIA 6251. It has a new, lower-emissions engine as well as numerous other improvements. It has been refurbished at Moncton's Industrial Rail (IRSI) facility.

An RDC was spotted on the tail end of VIA 2, the eastbound Canadian. This was IRSI's 6202, loaned to VIA to work on the Sudbury-White River run. I'm guessing it was tacked on to the end of the Canadian because there were already two Rocky Mountaineer cars on the head end between the engines.

Of course, I already mentioned the RDCs that passed through Winnipeg on their way east. There are rumours that one of them is stopping at Sudbury to work the run to White River.

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