Thursday, December 01, 2011

Recent Freights

IC 2723 in Winnipeg
Look, two Illinois Central engines! You have to look closely at the lead engine to see the little "IC" below the engine number, but it's there. The trailing engine is obviously an IC engine, 1028. This general freight was heading west on Tuesday here in Winnipeg.

I keep hoping to see an Illinois Central engine decorated for Operation Lifesaver. I was wondering if any of them still exist... and 30 seconds of Googling found this list of all-time Operation Lifesaver locomotives. I see they don't have CFQC 3000 on there so I will email them. I didn't find a list of remaining OL locomotives yet.

On Wednesday afternoon I caught CN 106 heading past mile 11 on the CN Rivers subdivision. Here they are splitting the signals right at the mileboard.
CN 2554 and signals

Here's a closer look at the signals.
CN 2554 and signals

Note the following things about the signal tower:

  • Black sign with white letters showing the signal number
  • Yellow triangular sign with "L"
  • Yellow square sign with "R"

The signal number is 111N. Signal numbers have an implied decimal point. This signal is at mile 11.1 and is on the North track.

The "L" and the "R" are both modifiers to the signal. For example, in the picture it is showing red / red. Without the "R", red/red would be rule 437, "Stop and Proceed". With the "R", it is showing rule 436, "Proceed at RESTRICTED speed".

I believe the "L" basically increases the speed limit from "MEDIUM" (30 MPH) to "LIMITED" (45 MPH).

Any modifiers like the "L" or "R" always make the displayed signal more permissive.

Here's a little closer view of the train. CN 2554 was leading and CN 2273 was trailing. There were no DPU engines in the train.
CN 2254 on train 106

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