Friday, December 30, 2011

Recent Sightings

It's almost the end of 2011... almost time to switch to a new calendar! Here are a few trains I saw in late December.

I made a point of seeing Tuesday's VIA 693 (Hudson Bay) because I thought the blue-and-yellow VIA 5649 might be on the end. It wasn't, but it was a good first test of my new lens.
VIA 6412 in Winnipeg

To be honest, it was a grab shot as I wasn't expecting to see it. I was fortunate that it was about half an hour late leaving Winnipeg.

This morning, December 30, I went prowling around CN territory to see what was going on. There were a couple of humpyard sets of GP38s and slugs working, but no trains in evidence. Up at Transcona, CN 106 was in the yard and about to get refueled.
CN 2693 in Winnipeg

CN 2693 and CN 5702 were on the head end, and there was an SD70M-2 part way through the train as a DPU engine but I didn't catch the number.

Back in Symington, a four-unit set was running light through the yard: CN 8960, CN 2416, IC 2716, and CN 2295. I took photos but they were quite backlit. I saw another two unit set with a black IC engine but I wasn't able to get a shot before they zoomed out of sight.

I hope to post once more for tomorrow before wrapping up 2011.

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