Sunday, December 11, 2011

R.J. Corman 3501

I just discovered a former R.J. Corman locomotive, RJCR 3501, stuffed and mounted in Clarksville, Tennessee.

The engine, and accompanying caboose, are parked beside the former Louisville and Nashville station. The station itself is privately owned by the Montgomery County Historical Society. Just to the right of the engine is the operating Memphis branch owned and operated by R.J. Corman.

The history of this engine is confusing to me. If you believe this site, 3501 was built as Southern (SOU) 2641, a GP30, in October 1963.

However, if you believe this other site, 3501 was built as SP 7472 in June 1964!

This site agrees with the first one, that it was a Southern engine. It goes on to say that SOU 2641 was wrecked in 1965 and given a GP35 carbody. That site says it was retired from Norfolk Southern in 1991 and sold to R.J. Corman in 1992.

Everyone seems to agree that it is now a GP35m and it has been retired and donated to the city of Clarksville. I'm glad they can agree on something!

There's some information on the station here.

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Robert Nicks said...

Due to the presence of a high short hood, it seems far more likely to be a Southern locomotive than an SP one.