Friday, December 30, 2011

SFEX 4204 Update

SFEX 4204 in Miramichi
SFEX 4204 in Miramichi, NB 2006/07/18

Ed Weisensel reported that SFEX 4204 was spotted on Norfolk Southern's train M4NB22 in Ohio. He confirms it is heading to the Morristown and Erie Railway in New Jersey.

You may remember that SFEX 4204 worked on the New Brunswick East Coast Railway for a time before its retirement. When CN purchased the NBEC it became CN property and made its way to the boneyard in CN's Woodcrest facility in Illinois. At that time I figured it was destined for the scrapper.

Apparently 4204 left CN's Woodcrest shops over 4 months ago and has been rattling around the system in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and so forth before returning to Woodcrest before heading to its "final" destination.

The Morristown and Erie Railway is a short line railway in New Jersey and Maine. They also operate the Maine Eastern railway. They operate a number of Alco units including other C-424 engines. See their all-time roster.

It's nice to see the old lady is still around!

By the way, check out Ed's photos on Flickr. He has quite a few nice Canadian Pacific shots.

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