Monday, January 23, 2012

CN 347 And 199

I shot CN 347 and CN 199 in the past few days. First, here's CN 347 heading out of Winnipeg, throwing a bit of snow.
CN 8930 in Winnipeg

CN 8930 was the sole unit on the train, which consisted of a lot of empty centerbeam flat cars and some miscellaneous freight. I think their speed was being restricted, because I was able to leapfrog them a couple of times as they rolled along the Rivers subdivision. For the third photo opportunity, I decided to try a few panning shots. This was the best of them.
CN 8930 in Winnipeg

The next day, I managed to grab CN 199 passing by Carman Junction.
CN 2276 in Winnipeg

Someone today said that trains have grown more boring with the endless procession of containers. In some ways I agree but there is something fascinating about a two mile moving wall.
Containers on CN train 199

CN 2236 was the DPU (Distributed Power Unit) engine on CN 199, only the second time I've seen a DPU on 199.
CN 2236 on train 199 in Winnipeg

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