Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th was... interesting.

I went out to the CN Symington area in the afternoon to see what was going on. CN 8896 was putting train 346 together.
CN 8896 in Winnipeg

It seemed clear that CN 346 was going to have a DPU engine. This appears to be fairly normal for 346. Out of the eight CN 346s I've seen, four have been DPU.

CN 8961 and blue BCOL 4646 were in the intermodal area of the yard... surrounded by poles, so no photos.

I heard CN 190 was ready to leave Transcona yard, so I headed up there. On the way I thought I would try to catch it crossing the Floodway. You may remember I got a blah shot at Dugald because I couldn't get to the Floodway in time. In this case CN 190 was just starting, so I hoped I could get there before they got up to speed.

I drove down Dugald Road, crossed the Floodway, and then made a quick U-turn at Deacon Road to get on the right side of the road. I drove up to the Floodway again and parked off the road, then hiked across toward the bridge. I heard CN 190 blowing for the first crossing (Ravenhurst Street) so I was on time.

I fired off a few shots with my long lens as they crossed the Perimeter and then changed lenses "on the fly" to my wide angle lens.
CN 8906 crossing the Floodway in Winnipeg

I was pleased with the light and the sky... isn't it purty?
CN 8906 crossing the Floodway

The engineer gave me a nice wave as CN 8906 and CN 5737 pulled past me.
CN 8906 and 5737 crossing the Floodway

I watched the train roll by, then headed back to Symington. I could see that CN 346 was ready to roll out.

As I watched, CN 2341 brought a train off the Sprague subdivision by itself. I did some heavy editing to the backlit photo to bring you this:
CN 2341 in Winnipeg

I noted one of the humpyard sets was CN 7530 / CN 517 / CN 501 / CN 7511.

I took off southward to shoot CN 346 "on the road". I wanted to get them at speed, so I went a few miles south to a crossing at mile 139.86 on the Sprague subdivision. That's about 5.3 miles from Navin at the end of Symington Yard, and a mile or so short of Lorette siding.

As I said, CN 346 had CN 8896 on the head end. The second engine was CN 2221 and the DPU engine was CN 2203.

After they rolled by, Friday the 13th struck and my car wouldn't start! I've had that problem once or twice before. After sitting there cursing for about 5 minutes, I did get it to start and off I went. Hopefully that won't happen again anytime soon!

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