Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sunset Meet

Later on in the day of January 5, after my earlier railfanning that day, I headed out to Diamond on my way home. Nothing much seemed to be happening, except for a maintenance crew with a small crane just west of Diamond on the south track. I was about to leave, until I noticed a green light facing west. Train time!
Signals at Diamond

Soon enough I heard some radio traffic indicating CN 314 was approaching from the west and CN 117 was approaching from the east. CN 117 had a stop light so they stopped on the south track to wait for 314 to go by.
CN 8944 in Winnipeg

You can see CN 8944 was the lead engine, and CN 2326 was trailing.

I drove down beside CN 117 to try to catch the meet. CN 314 had two Illinois Central units on it. The first was IC 2705.
Illinois Central IC 2705 in Winnipeg

The second was a more traditional Illinois Central engine, SD70 IC 1025.
IC Illinois Central 1025 in Winnipeg

Once CN 314 cleared the diamond, CN 117 started rolling and crossed over to the north track and continued west.

As it happened, I didn't get a good shot of the meet. Oh well. I did get some nice sunset shots of the train, and in fact a decent shot of the sunset itself.

From January 7, 2012

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_Don said...

Nice. I really like the landscape one showing the consist. I love the light at that time of day. Good work!