Sunday, April 15, 2012


Back on February 23 (I told you I have a backlog) I found CN 8847 heading west out of Winnipeg late in the afternoon. This was after seeing CN 106 and the Canadian at noon on the same day. The train approached Diamond and slowed to a halt. Clearly they were meeting another train.
CN 8847 in Winnipeg

I headed west past Diamond and spotted this train. Here they are approaching the bend west of Diamond.
Anticipation - CN 5508 near Winnipeg
I love this moment... the train is in sight, not quite "in range" for photography... fire off a test shot to make sure all the settings are right... and wait for "the moment".

Here they came around the bend.
CN 5508 near Winnipeg

Note how CN 5508 does not have the white-painted numbers above the cab windows like most CN SD60s do, or like trailing engine CN 5538 has.
CN 5538 in Winnipeg

I hit the road to shoot the meet. I saw that 8847 had started creeping forward in anticipation of 5508's passing. I stopped at the Route 334 crossing just east of Diamond, jumped out, and here is the meet.
CN 5508 near Winnipeg

I was out of time, so I headed for home. The funny thing is... there was another train behind 8847 West, led by two more SD60s, CN 5536 and CN 5549. Unfortunately I did not have time to get a shot of them!

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