Friday, April 20, 2012

Receiver Appointed for IRSI

The CBC is reporting that a receiver has been appointed to look into Industrial Rail Services affairs and try to salvage some work and/or value for the province. There's not a lot of detail in the article but the Moncton Times and Transcript reports that Ernst and Young is the receiver represented by Cox and Palmer lawyer Josh McElman.

I've heard strong rumours that the LRC work has already been given to National Steel Car in Hamilton. I understand there are a half-dozen LRC cars on site at IRSI that will either be moved to NSC or finished up by IRSI employees directed by the receiver. Hopefully they will get at least that work. There are 5 VIA RDCs on site too and no word on what is to be done with them.

Just as an aside, I've mentioned that the Moncton T and T (and indeed all the J.D. Irving newspaper web sites) have gone behind a paywall and are no longer viewable by non-subscribers. I disagree with this decision and I will not link to any portion of their web sites any more. Thank goodness for the CBC.

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