Friday, April 27, 2012

Yet Another Engine Arriving

The New Brunswick Southern Railway is getting yet another engine. Luc Doiron reported that GMTX 203 was in CN's Gordon Yard in Moncton yesterday, coupled up to CN 5748. Here's his photo.
GMTX 203 in Moncton, NB. Photo by Luc Doiron
Thanks for permission to use the photo, Luc.

GMTX 203 is an MP15DC, built in August 1976. The unit was recently rebuilt at the Progress Rail shops in Tacoma, Washington. Before that it worked on the Alaska Railroad for about two decades as ARR 1551.

These units are fairly similar to NB Southern's existing SW1200RS switchers NBSR 3702 and NBSR 3703. The MP15 does have an EMD 645-series engine, like NB Southern's Geep fleet, whereas the SW1200RS has the 567-series engine.

Word has it that another MP15 is coming from GMTX at some point.

NB Southern is really going to have some colourful consists!

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