Monday, May 14, 2012

April 19

One week after shooting the Canadian (and CN 199 and the CEMR train), I was out again near St. James Junction to shoot the Canadian again.

VIA 1 came first, with VIA 6457 on the head end.
VIA 6457 in Winnipeg

Here are a few cars on the tail end.
VIA's Canadian in Winnipeg

And there's the Park car about to roll across the CN-CP diamond.
VIA Canadian leaving Winnipeg

For a reason I don't recall now, I decided to relocate a bit west to near Kenaston Boulevard. When I stepped out of my car, this proud fellow was strutting around, so I had to take his photo.
Proud Fellow

Soon, CN 116 rolled into view with CN 2231 leading.
CN 2231 in Winnipeg

That was the sole power on the train until CN 2269 appeared, pushing hard on the rear.
CN 2269 in Winnipeg

Someone made a little editorial comment about CN's cleaning practices on CN 2269.
Wash Me - CN 2269

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